Tell JB Van Hollen To Stop Playing Political Games With Our Right To Vote!

On Tuesday, Attorney General JB Van Hollen made a last ditch effort to disenfranchise nearly 300,000 Wisconsin voters who do not have a photo ID.

Van Hollen's petition to the Wisconsin Supreme Court to overturn what two previous judges ruled as unconstitutional is a calculated and cynical political move to affect the November election.

With Van Hollen's buddy Paul Ryan on the national ticket and Wisconsin considered a battleground state, Van Hollen isn't fooling anyone with his motives.

By implementing this draconian voter ID legislation, hundreds of thousands of students, seniors, low-income residents and minorities who lack a photo ID would be disenfranchised and unable to vote in November. 

Join We Are Wisconsin in telling JB Van Hollen to stop playing political games with our right to vote!

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Sign the petition and tell JB Van Hollen to respect the lower court's decision and stop playing political games with our right to vote.

Please sign the petition today, and continue standing up for our Wisconsin - and then share this petition with your friends! We need to let everyone know about the hundreds of thousands of seniors, low-income families, students and minorities who will be disenfranchised if Van Hollen has his way.
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